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1. Setup your website and hosting plan
2. Select your storefront/shopping cart
3. Protect your sensitive information
4. Enable your Credit Card processing


1 Website and Hosting- This is where your storefront is stored. You may choose any Planetvelocity hosting account Bronze or higher for your e-commerce website. All of our plans come with ECbuilder SOHO edition which allows you to set up your shopping cart and e-commerce gateway with a 5 product catalog. If your looking for a dedicated e-commerce platform look at our plans that feature MIVA Merchant as the dedicated back-office processor. Remember that your just need a Bronze or higher hosting plan to accommodate your storefront. All of our plans are upgradeable at anytime but a Silver or higher account is needed for MIVA Merchant. If your looking for a No-Hassle simple catalog with a shopping cart and credit card acceptance click here.

2. Storefront/shopping cart - This is where you build the interactive elements of your site, where your visitors can choose an item and put it in a virtual shopping carriage. Planetvelocity's ECbuilder SOHO edition is included in your Bronze or higher package  and ECbuilder SOHO (5 Product max.) is upgradeable to a full powered version for a one time charge of 399.00. ECbuilder 6.0 allows for unlimited products and has a nice template selection for an easy site build. Plus it's already integrated with all of our recommended transaction processors More on ECbuilder is available here.

Secondly our piece de resistance is MIVA Merchant a robust and powerful e-commerce engine that can handle millions of transactions per day yet is easy to use and configure. The backend of MIVA merchant is driven by our dedicated MIVA empress e-commerce engine which is a dedicated platform mirrored and load-balanced for maximum performance. See why the E-bay store and Yahoo use Miva Merchant as their storefront solution... Integration is right from your PlanetVelocity websiteOS control panel and your storefront is designed with a browser.. No HTML programming is needed. Go here for an overview of MIVA merchant.

Your not just limited to Miva Merchant either. If you prefer you can use your own storefront software instead of Miva Merchant Happy Selling!...

3. Protect - An SSL certificate protects the your customers credit card numbers from hackers as they transfer over the web to your payment gateway and merchant bank account. Many people will not buy from a site unless their order is SSL Secured. We support Tucows ( $125.00 USD) , Thawte ($150.00 USD)  or any other trusted name.  

In order to take credit card information from your customer's you will need to have a secure certificate setup on your account. At PlanetVelocity we supply you with free use of our secure certificate! No need to purchase your own certificate just use ours. Then just put in your secure address in your Miva or ECbuilder software where it asks for the secure address, and all your check out pages will be secure.

If you decide you want to get your own secure certificate, we make that easy for you as well. Just click on the 'security' button in your control panel then click on SSL manager and you can easily generate the code to give to either EnTrust (Tucows), Thawte, or Geotrust to request your certificate. Then when you get your secure certificate code from them, just go back to your control panel and input that coding. It's never been so easy. For an overview of SSL go here. To order your certificate go here..!

 4. Enable your Transaction processing -

 This is the credit card bank company that processes the credit card orders and communicates with the gateway. Some of the providers provide both the  gateway and merchant bank account together as one package. Some of the providers are with total solutions include PSIgate, Total Merchant Services, Anacom, and Linkpoint. Most transaction processing and gateway companies allow you to use your existing merchant account for internet based transactions they will even provide a merchant account for you if you dont have one already. If you would like to apply for a merchant account please click here. For Canadian based merchants please click here. For international merchants or to accept multiple currencies please click here.

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